Message from Fr. Julian

If you wish to replay the original message regarding re-opening of church it's available here for a short while, thereafter it will remain on the you tube channel.

Station for recording details of those attending

What to expect when we re-open

We are sure you're looking forward to the resumption of services at All Saints from Sunday 12th July. However, there are a few details which you need to be familiar with before you attend. Most of these are covered in the online broadcast above, but to help you get familiar we have included some photographs of what you can expect.

Much of this will sound very formal, but it is not meant to be, this is just procedural so that we can meet the guidelines that have been set for all CofE churches.

Capture of details

One of our church wardens will greet you at the front door and will need to take your details. As explained in the broadcast this is a requirement that we need to fulfill. Please do not be alarmed when asked to provide your details this is purely for procedural purposes.

The details you provide will be held securely and disposed of when no longer needed.

Please note: unfortunately the benches in the foyer area are not currently available for seating. Also, there is only one toilet that will be opened upon request.

Cordonned off area and hand santiser station

Hand sanitiser station

As soon as you enter the main welcome area you will notice that much of it has been cordonned off and there will be no access to the kitchen or the cafe areas, or the office and toilets.

There is a station to the right where you can use hand sanitiser and also take a face mask if you wish to use one for the duration of the service.

There are no seats in this area so you will be encouraged to enter the main body of the church and not to congregate in the thoroughfare that has been created in this area.

Entering the main body of the church

As soon as you enter the main body of the church, much of it will be very familiar to you.

Entering the main part of the church

You will however, notice there are areas that have been cordonned off and are inaccessible.

There will still be an opportunity for you to light a candle, but you may not be able to light candles elsewhere so it is appreciated if you could please remain outside of the areas that are restricted at the present time.

Cordonned off areas

Seating arrangements

The most important part of the changes that have been temporarily implemented are related to how you will be seated.

You will be directed to a seat in most cases.

This will depend on if you're regarded as part of a family group or an individual. Although we are all one family, we need to make this differentiation so that you can be seated safely and within the guidelines that have been set.

We currently need to ensure individuals and family groups are seated at least 2 meters apart. The seating has been arranged to accommodate this requirement.

Cordonned off areas

Seats that are available are easily identifiable as they do not have a sheet of paper with a cross on them. We would appreciate if you would not move these seat markers as they are placed in accordance with the guidelines for everyones safety and must remain in place.

Family groups will be directed to be seated towards the front and sides of the church (depending on the number), whilst individuals will usually be directed to seats in the center. Once directed to a seat you are happy with, please use the same seat for the duration of the service.

About the service

The service will be shorter than you are familiar with for a Sunday family service. The reasons for this being that there will be no hymns that are sung (although we will still have some music to accompany the service).

Other parts of the service will persist but may be slightly different, however you will be encouraged throughout to maintain the 2 meter distance from each other, apart from family groups who can be together but apart from other family groups and individuals.

Over and above all

All Saints Church will always be a welcoming place for all, as it always has been. We look forward to welcoming you to take part in our worship and celebrations.

God’s House will always be a place of welcome, but we shall not compromise on safety. Every person entering the church will be asked to take personal responsibility for respecting social distancing and the wellbeing of others as well as themselves.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, please stay at home and seek medical advice.

Donating to church during times of pandemic

Donating is even easier than before, we can now accept cheques and as such is the preferred option instead of sending any form of cash in the post. If you would rather not send an electronic transfer, a cheque to the All Saints PCC is the preferred alternative. All donations are much appreciated, especially at this particular time.

Please visit our donation page for more information.